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Word Wide Opportunities…


We are often contacted by people wanting to export fresh/chilled and frozen canine semen.  If you would like to import and/or export canine semen, may we request that you email your details and intentions to or call the office on (+ 44) 01772 690014.

It is important for stud dog owners that have semen frozen from their dogs, to check with DEFRA and also the country of destination animal health department,  regarding health checks and certification requirements.  We will also assist in everyway possible.

Further savings .... We may be able to link up with other parties whenever possible, to reduce shipping costs and dry shipper hire,  for all parties concerned.  Import/Inspection charges may apply.



** New Cryodrum**- the one way shipper is now available, dramatically reducing the shipping costs to most countries world-wide.  Please note: The one way shipper is designed to keep the frozen semen at a stable temperature for upto 4 days, for certain countries this method may not be suitable.