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Stud dog owners may require different options…


Semen straws to be preserved for future generations for their own use or may wish to have semen straws exported around the world.  The semen bank allows both short term and long term requirements, whatever your wish, Frozen Stud Dog will gladly accommodate your request.


The semen bank storage requires health certification at the point of collection of semen.  Several countries may require further certification (blood tests) we would recommend that you contact your local DEFRA office and/or your countries Animal Health Department of Agriculture for further health checks requirements.


Storage of Canine Semen from other premises can be stored with Frozen Stud Dog for £3.00 + vat per straw, per year (no minimum or maximum number).

Why not advertise your stud dog semen to the world by registering on the Stud Dog Register  free of charge.