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Brianprent    18 August 2017 17:12 | Austria
! Q X !9  T U X!!    T U X!!  ! U! U  U X ! 24 open  T U X!!   T!  T U X!!  ! ! U    T U X!!  loveplanet
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! Q!!  T U X!! 

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! !  T U X!!  !!S V
X X  T U X!!  ! V Q!!! ! Q!
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!9  T U X!!   X U! T 
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  T U X!!  X!S U    T U X!!   ! U Q   T U X!!  ! W !  U  Q  Q    T U X!!  !  ! U! !9!& ! U! U  !!9  T U X!!  ! ! !!
!9!& U!  U!  Q  ! W ! !9
U W  ! !  T U X!! 
! T!  T U X!!   Q  Q   U  V U! U
 T U X!!  ! U! !!S X U! !!!  Q!
X X ! W ! !9  ! !  T U X!! 
! U!  T U X!!  !& U  X U!

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Akeyapal    17 August 2017 02:12 | US
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Aboyafue    14 August 2017 21:24 | US
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